Saturday, 26 October 2013

I love that font ! But what it is ?

You've seen a font and you want to know what it is ? Just take the picture (.jpg .png etc.) upload it on a website, check if it's the same and you will most probably find it!

Here's an example:

Your .jpg with the Font that you have no idea what it is:

Go to MY FONTS and submit the image to find the closest matches in their database. Upload an image file or specify a image URL. Here's the same image in .png that you can make a simple test by yourself : EXAMPLE URL FONT

Character selection:
Look at each image below and make sure the text box agrees with the character highlighted in the image. Leave character boxes blank if no valid character is highlighted. Click Continue!

Do you find it here ?

No! That's not a big problem, let's try another solution :) Another option is WHAT FONT IS 

Same process, send the image file with the font you want to identify or specify a URL with the image : EXAMPLE URL FONT

Check every image and input the black character in the image. 
Leave the box empty if the character is not valid ! 
A good trick If the letter is split in several images is to drag one image over another to combine the shapes. As you can see in the following example, The B is in 3 parts, the R/D/A are in 2 parts (inside the red marks)

And here is the result when shapes have been combined, but don't forget to input the black character in the image before clicking the continue button.

Here we are! In position 8, we have our font. The Bender Inline Font is a commercial Font. 

By clicking the position 8, you will be directed to the website LOST TYPE 
Don't forget to name your price and enjoy the font!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and don't hesitate to leave a comment to complete it if something is missing. Please also share your tricks or links to other "Font finders".

I'll be back soon for some more!

Sincerly yours,
Daniel Lester Fernandez

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